ENG - A traditional adverb is a word that modifies the quality of an adjective or verb. If a Dagomnian word ends with -e, it's most likely an adverb.

DAG - Updeti neuremno vorto tod pojotan epicimni aut hrimi ambat is. Si dagomni vorto -e'ed termat, mexe nauremno is.

Common Adverb

Known in he Dagomnian as Coini nauremno, a common adverb can form by replacing the -i of an adjective with an -e. Words like abni (sudden), beuti (natural), and nesuasti (unfortunate) become abne (suddenly), beute (naturally), and nesuaste (unfortunately).

Uncommon Adverb

Also known as Necoini nauremno, an uncommon adverb ends with -e, but it doesn't stem from a known adjective. Words like enje (there), itae (like such), and toque (also) are such examples.

Irregular Adverb

Also known as Negnosmi nauremno, an irregular adverb does not end in -e. Almost nothing within the word will indicate it being an adverb, so its status as such has to be memorized. Some examples include prud (n/either), aives (forever), and nu (now).

Full List of Adverbs (February 2018)

abne suddenly
aives forever
ambin approximately / about
anse please
apoque backwards
ardi almost
ate again
beute naturally
cje here
codeique anywhere
craze tomorrow
cudrueine somehow
cunjose recently
dom still
duabe properly
dunge directly
duspode accidentally
enje there (medial)
eute further
genice generally
gie really
hiquate once again
hique once
ime more
iquode somewhere
itae like such
jan already
jodeique wherever
jomer always
ligme at least
maxle madly
minuse less
moitue mutually
moxe soon
nedom not yet
neime no more / anymore
nequem never
nesuaste unfortunately
niquode nowhere
non not
nu now
olide everywhere
oquosce obviously
osje there (distal)
pave shortly
pele very much
perme absolutely
plire completely
prode forward
prud either
quiere peacefully
rege justly
seme only / just
suaste fortunately
taihe usually
tante so much
terme finally
toque also/ as well
trege firmly
tule lazily
updete traditionally
uquoidne of course
urte truly
uta rather
verprobe probably
vidle wisely