Castillerian's Dwelling

Custom Guitar Hero charts, computer tutorials, linguistics, and more!

What is "Castillerian"?

Castillerian is my new online username and persona. I created this name back in early 2017 from the Spanish word, castillo, meaning "castle", so I guess one can say the translation is "native of the castle". This name was created lest my original usernames give away my personal identity.

Who are you?

That I can't give away too easily; as I said before, I created this new name to hide my identity to the best of my ability. However, I can give away that I live in the western United States, my native language is English, I speak/write decent Spanish, and I am a college sophomore studying for a degree in music and Spanish. My main hobbies include studying linguistics, reading up on foreign languages, creating languages, producing music, and playing drums for my local metal band.

What kind of content can I expect here?

The answer is still in the rough, but, for now you can expect information on what's new in rhythm gaming (i.e. Clone Hero) and with my YouTube channel, my custom rhythm game charts, various tutorials, linguistic studies, and maybe even some rants. We'll see what time has to say.

Where else can I find you?

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